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Our Artwork

The general art style, which will be narrowed down further in this section, is a low poly, high texture comical style. The theme is classic medieval fantasy, with a PG filter. The scene, layouts and general design direction will be to keep things clean and clear, even with such in-game objects as rubble. Disorder will be caused by either the players' actions or their opponent.
The art style takes inspiration from titles like Team Fortress 2, Legend of Zelda: BotW and Dungeon Keeper. Keeping silhouettes as the main focus of character design for the minions and the mages allows for a large playing field without losing identifiability. There are also 3 identified major angles to consider for said silhouettes, looking down onto, directly in front, and surround view. Minions will be almost exclusively be viewed from upon high from the towers, the opponent will be seen directly but far off, and the interior of the tower and it’s objects can be seen from all angles.