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Meet The Team

We have a team, here they are. Yeet

My Name is Adam Henderson and I am the Producer and Lead Designer here at Digital Details. I work to ensure my team has everything they need to reach their fullest potential, be it a quite place to work, a cup of coffee, or helpful insight. My job is to ensure that we produce fun games not just for our audience but for those making it as well.

Adam Henderson

Here at Digital Details, I'm basically in charge of making sure the final project is a game and not a movie. You can see my projects over at or my website

Kyle Jones
Lead Programmer

Hello ! I'm Gabor, the lead artist for Digital Details. I'll be in charge of making sure that our free range artists try to run in the same direction. I'll also be making any and all art assets that the other artists either don't get to or can't do right.

Gábor István CSeh
Lead Artist

I'm Dylan Doyle, and my role on Magehem is as programmer, so Kyle bosses me around for a bit then we're maybe the game exist! I focus on systems and development tools, and with Magehem my focus will be on the gesture controls.  

Dylan Robert Duncan Doyle

Hi, my name is Mervin. I am an artist, cartoonist, and character designer with 6 years of experience. I will help in making art assets in contribution to our game. My portfolio can be found here:

Mervin Hocson

I'm the programmer in the team who's in charge of coding the smaller, more tedious things that still need to be done to make a working game, as well as whatever else may need me. As the newest of the programmers, I'm hoping to use this opportunity to gain some experience and skill, and work towards bigger roles in the future. You can view my portfolio here

Robbie Jolley

Im Caldon Bowden, and I'm a 2D and 3d artist as well as a creative force on the team. I concept and create anything from memorable monsters, creative creatures, abhorrent abominations, and a few props and people here and there. I'm here to make your worst nightmares a haunting reality...but I can model a chair or two if you really want me to.

Caldon Bowder

I’m a 2D, 3D Artist as well as a Designer
I design logos and symbols for games and characters
I create concept art for characters, environments and structures
My primary job is to Design, Model structures as well as model, rig and animate characters

Mehran Mansour Feizi

I’m one of the Designers of the group, here to design the heck out of any project we make. Whether it be designing the level or even contributing my skills to the art team, I’m a team player and ready for whatever comes my way. Follow me on Twitter @Infinifan1927 if you want to that is.

Nick Anger