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The Concept

 Magehem is a competitive, virtual reality (VR), tower defense game where you duel your opponent with an arsenal of spells, minions, and potions to try and destroy the opponent’s tower. The game will involve rounds of combat with brief pauses in between for strategic planning. Players will use a dynamic spellcasting system that they will be able to customize, as well as potions and minions to defeat their opponent while defending their own tower.




In this Milestone we will focus on the scale and layout of the environment as well as implementing VR object manipulation and Network managing. 



This Milestone will focus on getting basic Minion AI working and the beginning the implementation of the Spellcasting System. 



Completely implement the Spellcasting system and add in the individual mages and minions. Begin to import animations and final game objects. 


Rough Final Build

Get all game systems working: Minions, Spells, and Alchemy. Begin to implement the final versions of spell effects, character models, and minion models. Finish importing animations. 


Gold Master

Balancing the spell systems. Polishing art assets. Fixing Bugs. Ending with a finished game build. 

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